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White Paraments

We are located on the corner of Colorado and Folsom, 50 feet from the CU campus, directly across from the Engineering Building and Folsom Field.


We teach the Bible, God's Word, as the sole source of all theology. But if you were to ask,"What do you believe the Bible teaches?" then our teachings can be summarized in the Small Catechism.

  • You believe the Bible is 100% God's true Word from Genesis through Revelation.

  • You believe that when Jesus said, "This is my body," He meant, "This is my body."

  • You believe that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone.


We use the hymns and liturgies of Lutheran Service Book to teach "the faith once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3). If you're new to the Lutheran service, don't worry! It's all Bible-based and easy to learn.

Event Highlights


3/28-30  Holy Week Triduum--Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil. Each one at 7pm. Baptism at Vigil.

3/31 EASTER SERVICE AT 9:00 AM (Note time change).  Brunch to follow service.

4/4, Thursday--7:00  Game Night at the chapel. Mexican food and Mexican train (dominos)

4/7 Sunday--5:00 During Divine Service, Reception of new members

4/12 Friday Colorado March for Life  See attached poster.  

4/13 Saturday 10:30am Paintball--Reservations are made.  Meet at ULC at 8:00am to drive up to the park on the border of CO and WY. We've invited other students at Front Range schools and more to join us. 

April 19-21, Spring Retreat-Mt. Calvary at Estes Park; Topic: "Training Confessionally-grounded leaders in the Church;" Open to college students (undergrad and grad) in the Front Range area. Retreat starts on Friday evening and programming wraps up Saturday afternoon. Planned events will still take place until Sunday afternoon. 

May 9 Ascension Day Divine Service 7pm

Highlights from our Flocknote...

Let me tell you all about could there not be when it is Holy Week? But I'll keep this brief.  


1. Tuesday at Vespers we read through Mark 14-15--the last part of Jesus' week in Jerusalem, including the Passion.  This morning at Matins, I read Luke 21-22--same time period, slightly different perspective, very edifying. I suggest you read through at least one of the three Gospels (Matthew 26-27, gives you Matthew's inspired perspective) as part of your Holy Week meditations.


2. We showed Unplanned last Thursday. Great response. I'm eager to take the next step. At this point, you should expect it to be shown again at ULC on April 25, but watch for more details.


3. At the end of this week I get rid of my beard!  Yay!


4. April 19-21 is the Spring Retreat at Mt. Calvary, Estes Park, BUT, the program is only through late Saturday afternoon.  If you can't get away for more than 24 hours, then plan for less than 24 hours--Friday through Saturday afternoon.  It's only for students--undergrad and grad--although people in the undergrad age range (18-22) and involved with a campus group, are also welcome. See attached posters. Max 30 people. Let's hit that max!

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