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ULC Needs Your Support

Dear friends in the Savior, friends of His mission at University Lutheran Chapel:


You are well aware of the importance of the Lord's gracious presence and ministry to the students and faculty at the University of Colorado – Boulder.  Particularly in these cultural times when biblical and historic Christianity is under assault from many places, especially at our university campuses, there is great need for the ministry of proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in all the world, even where there is animosity and hatred toward the Lord and His church. 


The Mission Statement of ULC, paragraph two of its Constitution reads:


            “God, our Heavenly Father, has placed University Lutheran Chapel at the heart of the

            University of Colorado Campus. Our mission is to find the lost sheep in our

            community and to hold on to the found, by centering all that we do in Jesus Christ our

            Lord. We cannot, by our own reason or strength, achieve this, but the Holy Spirit,

            working through the Word and Sacrament, calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies

            us, and those whom He reaches through us, to bring the forgiveness of sins.”


The current pastor at ULC has written:


            “University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) is dedicated to the task of being a light to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Boulder community.  ULC”s mission is to proclaim the free and unmerited forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ, Who is the Son of God incarnate in human flesh,   Who has lived a substitutionary life of righteousness for us, Who has suffered and died to atone for the sin of all mankind, and Who, in His resurrection from the dead has declared the whole world to be justified of sin and reconciled to God the Father. This grace of God offered to us in Christ Jesus is to be received by faith through the power of the Holy Spirit and is a gift that cannot be earned or deserved by human works or acts.  All who come to faith in Christ will know and experience the resurrection from death into eternal life. The first and greatest purpose of University Lutheran Chapel is to make this Gospel known.” 


This remains the critically important purpose and task of ULC – and of all of God's people.  It always will remain so.  It is through Word and Sacrament ministry that faith is created, strengthened, and ultimately emboldened.  “We cannot by our own reason or strength believe in Jesus Christ our Lord or come to Him, but the Holy Spirit has called us through the Gospel.”  For young Christian men and women in a secular university setting, such pastoral and evangelical ministry is critical! 


One of the faculty [retired] at CU-Boulder, and current member of the ULC congregation has written:


a. CU-Boulder (like most American universities) has a clear mission of converting students to a secular worldview through a clearly defined and rigorous educational curriculum. University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) has an equally clear mission: presenting the truth of Christianity through the Bible, Lutheran catechesis and Word and Sacrament ministry. 


b. Confessional Lutheranism, the alternative to modern secularism, is taught in key “Great Books,” the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions, including the Small Catechism, and experienced in Word and Sacrament ministry in a congregational setting. This alternative is both taught and lived. It enriches the minds of students and changes their lives. 


c. The University curriculum teaches academic subjects to prepare students for a life of liberal activism and productive jobs. Confessional Lutheranism prepares students for a life lived in the Two Kingdoms as believers and citizens, who are educated for and called to vocations as believers, parents, citizens, and workers. 


d. For two generations ULC has been the Confessional Lutheran congregation present on the CU-Boulder campus and, as such, is responsible for campus ministry at CU-Boulder. The pastor called to serve ULC is also the de facto leader of campus ministry for CU-Boulder. The ULC congregational Constitution claims campus ministry as its special mission. The Constitution has been accepted and approved by the Rocky Mountain District Board of Directors at their Zoom meeting on June 1, 2020. Both ULC and the Rocky Mountain District Board of Directors recognize ULC as responsible for campus ministry at CU-Boulder. 


e. The ULC property by its location opposite the CU-Boulder campus proclaims that there is an alternative to the unremitting secularism promoted by the contemporary university. It has been handed down to today’s Lutherans by earlier generations as a heritage and sacred trust. 


f. Confessional Lutheranism stands for the Bible and Word and Sacrament ministry and is committed to practicing the latter in a congregational setting. The Lutheran Confessions and Lutheran theology offer an intellectual alternative to the worldview promoted by the contemporary university. Word and Sacrament ministry in a congregational context offers an alternative way of life to the one the university encourages.


We need help to continue providing and supporting this ministry at ULC!  With the loss of the house last year, which produced rental income for the congregation and storage space, the budget of ULC has become more challenging.  With the tremendous rise in housing costs in the Boulder area, it is even more challenging to provide a full-time pastor with a salary package that would adequately cover his expenses. 


In the past few years, the pastor at ULC has been distracted from direct ministry to students by the need to develop contacts, relationships, and financial support from congregations and individuals.  Many pastors are uncomfortable doing this, and would certainly prefer to devote all of their time to their call to ULC.


We are hoping to eliminate these concerns with this outreach, and a future capital campaign for ULC and campus ministry in the Rocky Mountain District LCMS.  Our immediate goal, with another pastoral vacancy looming, is to find at least 100 people willing to commit $50 a month [over and above regular tithing to their congregation] for the next few months, perhaps years.  This would amount to $60,000 per year – enough to provide for support of a full time pastor at ULC [along with District support, offerings, and other income].   Of course, if you are unable to provide $50 a month, even a smaller amount would be a great help.  And if you are able and moved by God to provide even greater support, that would also be greatly appreciated. 


A giving link has been set up from the ULC website.  It is easy to navigate.  Giving can be one time or set up to be recurring.   Funds go directly to ULC.   The ULC website provides great information on the ministry occurring through ULC [].   The giving link can be accessed from the website, or engaged directly at Please be sure to select Jubilee Club from the drop down menu on the giving form. 


We write and appeal to you because we know your love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and your appreciation for all that He has done for you.  We are confident in this appeal because we are certain that you share this compelling concern for the ministry of ULC. 


If you have friends and contacts that you feel would appreciate this opportunity to support campus ministry at the University of Colorado – Boulder, please feel free to forward this appeal on to them.


We thank you in advance for giving this consideration.  May God richly bless you and the ministry at ULC!


ULC Capital Committee


Pastor, John Fiene

President, Jarrod Puseman

Elder, Dr. Christian Kopff

Secretary, Alison Orthel

ULC Mission Society, Jarryd Allison

ULC Mission Society, Rev. Paul Rhode

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