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How You Can Be Made a Saint

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Although most people would like to be considered holy by God, the way we approach it is going to be wrong. We want Him to look at what we do (and probably even more, what we haven’t done) and say, “Well, you tried.” 

Trying isn’t good enough. 

We need to be saints, or holy—and that is perfectly sinless--even in in our will and motivations. 

We can’t do it, but He has. 

In fact, He does everything. God came as Jesus and lived a perfect life—even in His will and motivations.  Then He died for our failure to be sinless. Then He promised everything He had done to be credited to us. 


That’s how we are declared to be sinless - or saints. 


But He’s not done.  For Him to declare you as holy or a saint is not a decision you make, but instead, even more of His action. To find out more, scroll around in our website or contact us for a simple explanation of Christianity.  

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